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  1. MMMR33012AP
  2. Original Pop-up Refill, 3 x 3, Assorted Marseille Colors, 100-Sheet, 12/Pack
    • Self-stick removable notes stick securely and remove cleanly.
    • Accordion-style notes pop up one after another for easy, one-handed dispensing.
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$18.99  PK
  1. MMM6549B
  2. Self-Stick Notes, 3 x 3, Assorted Bright, 100-Sheet, 12/Pack
    • Economical self-stick notes are repositionable.
    • Perfect for reminders and short to-do lists.
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$11.49  PK
  1. MMMR330RP12YW
  2. Recycled Pop-up Notes, 3 x 3, Canary Yellow, 100-Sheet, 12/Pack
    • Made using plant-based adhesive and recycled paper.
    • Accordion-style notes pop-up, one-by-one, and the repositionable adhesive sticks securely, while removing cleanly.
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$22.99  PK